CCNP SP Study Material

This question has come up quite a lot and I’ve recommended some reading for the basic topics of the exam, but nothing comprehensive. This is my attempt to make a comprehensive list of materials that one can use to prepare for the exam. I would like people to bear in mind that there has never been an “Exam Certification Guide” for MPLS or BGP. The closest thing was a version of MPLS and VPN Architectures aimed at CCIP candidates. The Service Provider track has always involved a bit of going out of one’s way to learn the technologies, so one should be prepared to do so in order to pursue these certifications.

Also, these are recommendations based on books that I actually have in my library. For example, I don’t have the current edition of the CCNP ROUTE book, so I won’t list it here even though it probably covers some of the topics well. I haven’t read it. The ASR9k configuration guides are listed because the 9k is the IOS-XR router with which I have experience, and it was good enough for me to pass the SPCORE, SPEDGE, and CCIE SP V3 lab exams, so there’s that . If there are CRS-1 or GSR12k specific questions on the tests, make an educated guess (that’s what I did) or read further on your own.

In the case where multiple books are listed, it’s not always necessary to read all of them. Read until you feel you have an understanding of the topics. If you do not feel like you understand, ask questions here (on CLN, not necessarily in this thread) or read further. The books are generally listed in order of increasing specialization/complexity. If you read everything on the list, then you will have read almost everything that I read in preparation for the CCIE SP V3 lab exam. I suspect that so much depth is not necessary for the CCNP SP.